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Pouting is Key in My World, My Way


My World, My Way

Atlus has released more details about My World, My Way for the Nintendo DS in the form of a narrative from the star of the game, Princess Elise herself. Princess Elise primarily reminded us that the power of the pout rules over all else. Elise's pout will allow her to alter the world's landscape, changing plains into a forest or even making the "trees dance" if she desires. Changing terrain will have various effects, such as allowing Elise to encounter monsters that only live in certain types of terrain more easily. Elise let us know that when she needs something, and she needs it NOW, it'll happen, trust her.

To pout, Elise will have to use the pout button, which depletes her pout points (PP). Pout points can be used to knock monsters down a few levels, or increase the amount of money, experience, and items gained from them. Elise can also choose to pout until the enemies just become stronger themselves. The villagers in My World, My Way are very susceptible to her pouting, since Elise can even use it to complete the quests they send her on right in front of them.

Elise also told us about her important pet, the Mimic Slime, which will be able to mimic parts of My World, My Way's monsters to improve its own stats and abilities. For example, if the Mimic Slime copies a monster's head, the Mimic Slime's MP and Wisdom will go up. Copying different parts of a monster will raise different stats. Mimicry will also allow the Mimic Slime to wear new types of equipment and to learn new spells. Elise's Mimic Slime is pink, and Elise finds him to be "sooo cute!"

My World, My Way's story begins when Princess Elise, at the age of 15, decides she must get herself the one thing she's never had, a handsome boyfriend. Elise orders her father to hold a ball and to invite every prince in the land. Elise meets her dream boyfriend at the ball, but he turns out to be an adventurer rather than a prince. To Elise's dismay, the adventurer tells her that she must become an experienced adventurer herself if she ever hopes to be with him. To the shock of the entire Kingdom, Elise sets out on her journey in My World, My Way to do just that.

My World, My Way will be released in North America on February 3, 2009 for an MSRP of $29.99. Elise hopes to change the view that pouting never solves anything.

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My World, My Way
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