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Suikoden Tierkreis Detailed, Rapidly Coming to US


Suikoden Tierkreis

RPGamers in the US may be able to recruit 108 stars on the Nintendo DS much sooner than anticipated. Just a little over a month after Konami announced that its Nintendo DS RPG Suikoden Tierkreis would be coming to North America, Konami has divulged that the company is already hard at work localizing the game for English speaking audiences.

Suikoden Tierkreis is the first game in the Suikoden series to be released on the Nintendo DS, and also the first Suikoden game to be released on a handheld other than Suikoden Card Stories (which was never released in the US). Konami is shooting for an early 2009 US release, possibly meaning before the end of Q1 2009. Suikoden Tierkreis adds to the trend of Suikoden games being localized quickly, as Suikoden IV was brought to the US five months after its Japanese release, and Suikoden V was brought to the US just one month after being released in Japan.

Some new details about Suikoden Tierkreis have come out in the newest issue of Nintendo Power as well. Game progression will be mission based, and potch (the game's currency) will be gained only from completing missions, not from defeating enemies. Battles can be controlled using either the stylus or the D-pad. Co-op attacks return, as do different ranged attacks (short, medium, and long). Weapons cannot be upgraded; they must be bought. True Runes, one-on-one duels, and strategic battles are not present in Suikoden Tierkreis, and the game takes place in a parallel world. More details are sure to come as this game gets closer to its Japanese release date of December 18, 2008.

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Suikoden Tierkreis
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