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Dokapon Kingdom Job Class Details


Dokapon Kingdom

Specific details have been released about the job classes available in the upcoming Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 2 board game RPG Dokapon Kingdom. Job classes in Dokapon Kingdom will each have their own preferred weapon type and unique special abilities they can use on their turn. As characters play through the game and master their jobs, they will be able to unlock new advanced jobs.

Players will choose from one of three job classes at the start of Dokapon Kingdom: the Warrior, Magician, or Thief. The Warrior will be strong in attack and defense, will receive a random boost to his or her attack stat at the start of each turn, and prefers the sword. The Magician has weak defense but is strong with magic, can cast two spells at the start of each turn (other characters can only cast one), and prefers the staff or wand. The Thief is fast and agile, can steal one random item or field magic from any player it passes on the play field, and prefers the dagger.

After mastering one of those three jobs, the player will be able to advance to the Cleric, Alchemist, Monk, Ninja, Acrobat, Spellsword, or one of even more secret jobs which have not been revealed yet. The Cleric is a strong magician but not horribly weak in a fight, randomly heals health at the start of each turn, and prefers the spear, but also the axe or hammer to a lesser degree. The Alchemist is an item master, has the ability to randomly duplicate an item or field magic (holding rare items improves this ability), and prefers the staff or wand. The Monk has the ability to boost his or her own statistics by 50% and prefers fighting with bare knuckles. The Ninja can use two items at the beginning of each turn, which can be a very powerful ability when using some of the rarer and higher level items in the game, and prefers the sword. The Acrobat can feign death after suffering a critical hit, stunning his or her opponent, and prefers to wield the crossbow. Lastly, the Spellsword, a master of magic and blade combat, can randomly counter field magic, and prefers the sword.

Dokapon Kingdom, published by Atlus and deemed the friendship-destroyer due to the many ways available to harm those you play with, will be released next week in North America, on October 14, 2008. It will be released on November 22, 2008 in Japan.

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Dokapon Kingdom
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