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Level 5 Unveils Game Plans in Dorimaga Magazine


Level 5

In the recent issue of Dorimaga magazine, an interview was held with Level 5 President Akihiro Hino which unveiled a few of the company's upcoming plans. The first big revelation was that the canceled Xbox MMORPG, True Fantasy Live Online may not have been canceled as previously announced by the company. He mentioned that the possibility of the game eventually being revived remains, but no other details were mentioned.

Mr. Hino also confirmed two titles that Level 5 is currently working on. The first title, which is scheduled to be unveiled in 2005, is for an unannounced platform and is based on the world that is shown in the promotional image that the company has had on their site since 2003. The other title is a PSP title of an unannounced genre which is also scheduled to be unveiled in 2005. Based on Level 5's track record, it is expected to be an RPG.

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