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Drag-On Dragoon 2 Approaches on the Horizon


Drag-On Dragoon 2: Fin NO kurenai, haitoku NO kuro

Drag-On Dragoon 2: Fin NO kurenai, haitoku NO kuro has been announced by Square Enix in the recent issue of Famitsu magazine. The development is once again taking place at Cavia Inc. who also developed the original Drag-On Dragoon, which was released in Japan on September 11, 2003. Square Enix has opened the game's official site, which at this time, only include's a short 51 second trailer.

The story of Drag-On Dragoon 2 takes place 18 years after the conclusion of the original title. Caim saved the world from impending doom; however, he has disappeared since. A young knight named Nowe is the main character while the heroine of this story is a girl named Mana, who played a very large role in Drag-On Dragoon as a six year old.

Nowe was raised by a blue dragon named Legna and as such, has very close ties to him. Whether these ties go as far as the pacts from the orginal title has yet to be seen, but Legna protects Nowe as if he was his father. The battle system once again has players controlling their character not only through land-based battles, but once again, players will be able to take up weapon and ride their dragon into air-based battle. Both of these will feature refined gameplay. The kill-all mechanics from the orginal, as well as upgradeable weapons makes their return in the sequel with the promise of faster action.

This time around, ground battles will include a few notable changes. The first change is that instead of the other playable characters being limited to a short amount of play time, they will be able to be interchanged anytime the player chooses. Certain situations are easier to get through using certain characters, which adds a certain amount of strategy to Drag-On Dragoon 2. The second change is that Dragons will also be able to partake in ground-based battles, and special dragon duels will make their first appearance in the series.

Air-based battles remain mostly the same with both battles high up in the air and battles closer to the ground allowing for the players to mount and dismount their dragon at will. The one big change announced so far, is that players riding on the dragon can now deal mega damage to specific enemies on the ground, which was never realized in the original title's choice of massive damage to all enemies in a certain range.

Drag-On Dragoon sold extremely well in Japan, and the sequel will more than likely see major success when the title launches for the Playstation 2 in Spring 2005. In North America and Europe, Drag-On Dragoon was renamed Drakengard, and at this time, the sequel has yet to be announced for localization.

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