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Phantasy Star Generations: 2 Official Website Launched



Sega of Japan recently launched the official website for their upcoming PlayStation 2 RPG Phantasy Star Generations: 2, a remake of Phantasy Star II. The original game was released back in 1989 for Sega’s Mega Drive console and has since been revived along with several other classic titles as part of Sega’s SEGA Ages campaign. The game, officially titled Sega Ages 2500 Series Volume 17: Phantasy Star Generation: 2, will feature improved graphics and music as well as bonuses not found in the original. The story has been revamped and the battle system has been made easier to use in the new edition, in addition the cut-scene art has also been improved.

Some staff members who worked on the original Phantasy Star II will supervise the development of the remake, ensuring a true-to-form conversion. Much of the staff list for the development of the remake includes names from Phantasy Star Online’s team as well. The PSO team is reportedly responsible for such areas as main character design and the package design.

Phantasy Star Generation: 2 is scheduled for a February 24, 2005 Japanese release. The game will be released in North America as part of Phantasy Star Trilogy, which includes Phantasy Star Generation: 1 and Phantasy Star IV: End of the Millennium in addition to Phantasy Star Generation: 2. Phantasy Star Trilogy is slated for a February 2005 release in North America.

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