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Play Ultima Online With Your Closed Account

Heath Hindman

Ultima Online

For a very limited time, former players of EA's Ultima Online can use their inactive accounts to log in and relive their adevntures. The promotion, called "Return to Britannia," offers those who quit in good standing a short burst of free play.

All a player has to do is log into the game with his/her old information and play as one normally would. If Ultima Online is not installed, it can be reinstalled (even with someone else's disc) to get the same results. If no game disc can be found, the game can be downloaded here. The version of the game in which returning players will find themselves is the Age of Shadows expansion, rather than the recently-released Samurai Empire. Regardelss of what version the player was using, it is said that in "most cases," a given character's inventory will remain as it was at the time of cancellation.

Those interested should visit the official site for the full details, and make serious haste, as this promotion only lasts through November 29th. As expected, those that wish to play after that time will have to resubscribe. The site also has an FAQ dealing with the more common issues of returning to Britannia.

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