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Tales of Rebirth Information Extravaganza


Tales of Rebirth With a Japanese release date approaching, Namco has decided to release the names of a few important characters for their upcoming game Tales of Rebirth. Tales of Rebirth is due out on December 16 in Japan for the price of 6800 yen.

Eight Main Characters

    Veigue Lungberg - 18 year old main character
    Claire Bennett
    Eugene Gallard
    Annie Barrs
    Tytree Crowe
    Hilda Rhambling
    Zapie - a pet

Six sacred beasts

    Shaorune - beast of water
    Eephon - beast of dark
    Fenia - beast of fire
    Wontiga - beast of wind
    Gilione - beast of light
    Randgriz - beast of ground

Namco has only released information for one of the spirits. Fenia, the mistress of fire, takes on the form of a red-haired, winged woman. She is not a bringer of fiery destruction; instead she is a motherly figure who nurtures the spark of life in all creatures.

To go along with the information, a new set of screen shots has been released to the public. There has been no word on a North American release thus far.

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