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Otogi 2 Hits Shelves, Website Launches


From Software

After being announced in July of 2003, Sega and From Software's Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors has arrived in North American retail stores. This bigger, deeper follow-up to last year's Otogi: Myth of Demons carries a price tag of $39.99.

Not to leave consumers in the dark, Sega has let loose quite a few details on this new Xbox action RPG. The story picks up where the original left off, right after the famous undead warrior Raikoh returns to his grave. Now, ancient Japan is faced with another wave of demons surfacing from hiding places within the sacred capital. When five brave warriors ritualistically take their own lives to resurrect Raikoh, all six members of this new alliance rise again to fight off the enemy once more.

As would be expected of any sequel, several things have changed in part two. Most notably, the addition of the aforementioned five extra characters means tweaks to the gameplay and customization options. A new mode of play called "Havoc Mode" has also been added, which focuses on the pure destruction of enemies as well as certain pieces of the player's surroundings. During all this melee, veterens of the original will notice the improved graphics.

More details as well as a few trailors are available on the official website. RPGamer recently added screenshots here.

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