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Nobuo Uematsu and Square Enix Will Part Ways


Square Enix

Nobuo Uematsu, famed composer of many Final Fantasy soundtracks, may be leaving Square Enix for greener pastures. Reportedly, Uematsu plans to found his own company after being employed by Square Enix for almost 20 years. His recent busy schedule, which consisted of activities spent with his rock band The Black Mages, as well as being responsible for composing music for Hanjuku Eiyuu Tai 3D and Final Fantasy XII, is reported to be the catalyst for his decision.

If this were to happen, he may still work with Square Enix in the future. RPGamer will bring you more on this subject should it hold truth.

UPDATE: 10/30/04: After going over the story above with a more experienced translator, we have determined that, at the moment, this story is a rumor, and has not been confirmed in any way.

UPDATE: 10/31/04: Nobuo Uematsu's official fan club has confirmed this report, saying that Uematsu will leave Square Enix this month and join a company named "Smile Please" in November. Uetmasu said that he would not want to call this "quitting," as that term is too extreme. Rather, it is akin to graduating from the company. His reason for leaving is to pursue work at his own pace. He plans to continue his work in writing game music, performing in concerts, and producing the upcoming second Black Mages album. He is also planning other activities outside of Japan as well.

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