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Square Enix to Bring Mobile Titles to North America


Square Enix

UIEvolution, a technology company recently acquired by Square Enix, has shed some new light on Square Enix's plans to release mobile titles in North America. Chris Ruff, vice president of marketing and product management at UIEvolution, revealed that Square Enix had acquired his software platform company earlier in the year to facilitate its move towards "polymorphic content," a term coined by Square Enix to describe the process by which game content is transferred between a variety of media and terminals, including mobile phones and movies.

Ruff went on to say that UIEvolution's scripting tools are capable of running on the PC, PlayStation 2, and mobile phones, and can ease technical issues that arise between these platforms. When asked about the probability of games like Final Fantasy XI making an appearance on a mobile platform, Ruff wouldn't provide any specifics, but did say that the scenario "would follow the expected progression, and make a lot of sense for Square Enix."

Ruff confirmed that Square Enix was considering North American releases of its mobile Final Fantasy games "when the technology is ready." The present time frame of these releases is nine months to a year, Ruff added.

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