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Xenofreaks to Include Xenosaga II Demo



After the success of earlier fan disc efforts, Namco has announced that there will be a fan disc produced about its popular series Xenosaga, entitled Xenosaga Freaks. While not a game per se, the compedium is packed full of supplemental material that includes a multimedia encyclopedia, two mini-games, and a playable demo of Xenosaga II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose.

The Encyclopedia of Xenosaga is the quintessential reference volume for freaks and average gamers alike. It contains a bounty of information on the series from definitions to videos. The database is connected to the three games on the disc, expanding as the games are completed.

For one of the mini-games, Namco will use its popular crossword puzzle game Moji Pittan as a guide. XenoPittan will use the same mechanics as the original, but with a Xeno-theme in the crossword puzzles. The other mini-game is XenoComi(short for "Xenosaga Comics") and is a light hearted adventure that can be played from the view point of any of the original six Xenosaga: Der Wille zur Macht characters.

Perhaps the most anticipated portion of the fan disc is the playable demo for the second installment to the Xenosaga. The setting for the demo is primarily a flashback to 14 years before the first Xenosaga, and will feature the battle system for the game, but the actual mechanics are, as of yet, unknown. Some familiar faces, like Jin, chaos, and Margulis, are supposed to appear in the demo along with mysterious realian youth named Kannan.

While there is no definitive release date as of yet for either the fan disc or the full game, it is almost certain that the former should be out well in advance of the latter. There has also been no mention of whether or not the fan disc will be released outside of Japan.

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