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Famitsu Offers New Final Fantasy XII Information


Final Fantasy XII

The latest issue of Famitsu, a Japanese game magazine, contains some new pieces of information regarding the upcoming PlayStation 2 title Final Fantasy XII. The magazine covered characters, visuals, and battle system details.

As previously reported, two of the cast members are Fran, a Viera, and Balfrea, a human male who is proficient with both the gun and the sword. However, it was recently revealed that Fran and Balfrea are partners, which is unusual because the Viera tend to isolate themselves from others. It has been reported that the cast of Final Fantasy XII will be quite large.

In addition, the development team, led by Yasumi Matsuno, was advised by the teams that worked on Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XI. Therefore, many of the same development techniques used in those games will be applied to the making of Final Fantasy XII as well. As seen in Final Fantasy XI, the equipped weapon of each character will be visible on the character's figure on the world map. One idea currently under consideration is using different kinds of letters to create different languages for the various races.

The battle system of Final Fantasy XII will be similar to the one in Final Fantasy X-2 but with some enhancements. Characters and enemies will face each other in two lines, and the screen will feature three slots, which can be filled with blue gems. The purpose of these gems was not explained.

Final Fantasy XII will be released in Japan sometime next year. A North American released has not been announced but is highly anticipated.

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Final Fantasy XII
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