La Pucelle Destined for North America

San Francisco-based Mastiff LLC recently announced that it will be handling the North American localization of Nippon Ichi's La Pucelle. The title was originally released in Japan in 2002, and now it is about to cross the Pacific.

The story of La Pucelle is set in an alternate medieval Europe, and the main character is a fiesty sixteen-year-old girl. Having passed her exorcism exams, she joins a group of demon hunters unsurprisingly dubbed La Pucelle. The title will have over 100 hours of gameplay and multiple endings.

Some of the gameplay of La Pucelle is standard TRPG fare; attacking from a higher terrain level results in more damage, players can recruit monsters to join their party, and characters and items can become stronger in battle by leveling up. However, La Pucelle allows players to purge terrain and enemies of impurities to execute powerful attacks, stop new enemies from joining the battle, and increase the power of items. Characters can also attack together in formation at the same time.

So far, La Pucelle has not received an official North American release date. Mastiff did note that the game will be released sometime next year. Be sure to check out RPGamer's media coverage of this title.

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by Cortney Stone    

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