Atlus Announces Growlanser Collection

As previously reported, Working Designs will be releasing Growlanser Generations, a boxed set of Growlanser II and III, in North America. Atlus recently decided to follow suit, but with a twist.

Atlus will be releasing a boxed set of its own, creatively entitled Growlanser Collection. While it won't have the kitschy appeal of a Working Designs boxed set, it will have something Growlanser Generations lacks: the first Growlanser title. Working Designs has not announced any intentions to include the original Growlanser in Growlanser Generations.

Growlanser Collection will arrive in Japanese stores on December 18, coinciding with the release of Growlanser IV: The Wayfarer of Time. Currently, Growlanser Collection will be available in Japan only, as there are no plans for a North American release.

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by Cortney Stone    
Source: [Gamefront]

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