The Mini-Games of Dragon Warrior VII

Having just shipped to stores, the newest addition to the Dragon Warrior series is also the first to arrive in North America since 1992. A lot of things have changed in the RPG genre since then, and one of those things is the proliferation of mini-games in order to add another dimension to already engaging titles. If done well, mini-games can enhance the playability of a title considerably, and Dragon Warrior VII aims to fall into this category. The title contains a host of mini-games, the most prominent of which is the casino circuit.

DW VII's world contains a worldwide ring of casinos, which sport slot machines, poker, and the famous Lucky Panel game. The casino system is well-integrated with the rest of the title; tokens earned in casinos can be used to purchase prizes and rare items. Players can also register with the World Ranking Federation and see how their characters rank in the categories of Power, Intelligence, and Style, as compared with NPCs from the game. Achieving the top spot in the world rankings can bring players more rare items.

DW VII is the long-awaited seventh chapter in the Dragon Warrior saga. The game should be in stores by the end of the week, retailing for a suggested price of $39.99.

by Andrew Long    
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