New Tsugunai Information

Gearing up for the release of a number of Playstation 2 RPGs in the next few months, Sony is busily distributing information about the most imminent of the planned titles. Tsugunai(compensation, as it translates to literally) is the story of a knight ordered by a king to retrieve a legendary gem, a mission which quickly goes awry when the god who guards the gem catches him in the act. The knight's soul, relieved of its body, is ordered by the god, upset with the defilement of his gem shrine, to go out and help people who are troubled. For his part, the knight can possess the bodies of various unhappy souls, and help people overcome their spiritual difficulties.

This concept is certainly unique, if nothing else. Perhaps not wanting to go too far over the edge, Sony has constructed a somewhat more conventional battle system, which makes use of spells, summons, and abilities that are reliant upon gem stones. Tsugunai sounds like it has potential to be an original game, and Japanese gamers will get the chance to find out on February 22nd, 2001, when the game is currently scheduled for release. The suggested retail price is currently 5800 yen.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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