First Look at Magi-Nation
Game Boy Color

When a console RPGamer hears the words "American RPG," thoughts of games like Secret of Evermore usually produce a shudder or two. A company called Interactive Imagination is hoping to change all that. They are currently developing an original Game Boy Color RPG called Magi-Nation that looks to change the way American-developed RPGs are viewed by console RPG players.

Magi-Nation is still in the early stages of development, but some important gameplay features have already been revealed. The numerous characters are very well defined, each having his or her own personality quirks -- for example, one character has a Mr. T/Hulk Hogan obsession, and constantly yells out catch phrases. The game takes place in a vast, vivid world, and full-screen cinema sequences will appear throughout the game to advance the storyline. The battles will have a Pokémon feel, where the main character, Troy Jones, will fight with some of the over eighty creatures he can find and capture on the adventure. Magi-Nation departs from Pokémon, however, in that Troy will be able to launch attacks and spells of his own, increasing the strategy inherent during battles.

Interactive Imagination is staffed by former employees from Sega, Nintendo, Konami, Namco, and Square, companies whose employees certainly have the talent to pull off a good RPG. Magi-Nation will be released in early 2001 on a 16 megabit Game Boy Color cartridge. Stay tuned for more information on a game that could renew console fans' faith in the American-developed RPG.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [IGN]
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