Information Uncovered on Sagashi Ni Ikouyo

More information on yet another PS2 RPG has been released. Sony's new adventure-RPG, entitled Sagashi Ni Ikouyo, will be a dungeon crawl-style adventure, emphasizing exploration, friendship, and teammates. When in town, the player will have to make friends with various people in town and convince them to join the party. Different characters will help the party in different ways, for each has a unique ability. These abilities include different schools of magic, breaking spells, or picking locks. Once these characters are acquired, the player will collect information about the next journey and plan the party accordingly. Finally, the player will explore the dungeons to find treasure.

Though at first glance this game seems to be similar to many other RPGs, the different character abilities and strategy when constructing a party will set it apart from standard dungeon crawls. The friendship system and the requirements that must be fulfilled to receive certain characters will give the game more structure than most other games of this type as well. Sagashi Ni Ikouyo should be released in Japan in January 2001. Keep reading RPGamer to discover more details on this RPG as they surface.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Magic Box]
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