SNK releases Nigeronpa

SNK, following a recent trend of developing RPGs for portable systems, recently released their new game, Nigeronpa. Unfortunately, they also stated that there are no plans at this point to release the game outside of Japan. Japanese gamers, on the other hand, got their first taste of Nigeronpa on November 23rd, 2000. Right now, the game is selling for a suggested retail price of 3800 yen, or around 35 dollars.

Nigeronpa is set on the rather appropriately named world of Nigeronpa, a place inhabited by magical humans and devilmen. The game features a high degree of customizability, as at the beginning of each game, the player is required to build their own character. Whatever they end up constructing will have a direct impact on the game, which uses a system of reputation points to determine just who can be added to the player's party. The more reputation points, the more likely it is that additional characters can be hired; if confidence in the player dips too low, they may leave the party.

Nigeronpa is for the Neo-Geo Pocket Color.

by Andrew Long    
Source: [The Magic Box]
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