Dark Cloud Promo Trailer
Dark Cloud

Information has been scarce thus far regarding Dark Cloud, Sony's upcoming PlayStation2 RPG. While only a small amount is known at this time about the story or gameplay, we have seen a number of screenshots and movie clips from the game. Now, Sony has released a new promotional trailer which shows off some new game footage.

The trailer can be downloaded from Sony's Japanese website in RealAudio format. Simply click the left link beneath the Japanese game info box to download the file, which requires RealPlayer to play. Also, the link on the right will bring up an audio track sampling of the game's main theme.

Comprised of both still images and some in-game animation, the trailer gives the best impression yet of how the game will play. From the looks of things, Dark Cloud is graphically reminiscent of Zelda, and may very well be intended as Sony's means of countering the Nintendo hit series. Dark Cloud is on track for its release in Japan next month, and is currently scheduled for a first quarter North American launch.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [IGN]
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