Final Fantasy IX Launch Event

While RPG fans across the nation await the impending November 14th release of Final Fantasy IX, gamers in the San Francisco Bay Area have the chance to get their copies of this eagerly anticipated epic a day early. In the grand Squaresoft tradition, Monday the 13th will bring fans a special release event known as Final Fantasy IX Day.

The Launch Event will be held at the PlayStation store within Sony's massive Metreon complex at 101 Fourth Street (the corner of Fourth and Mission) in downtown San Francisco, and is planned to run from 2 to 5pm this coming Monday. In addition to purchasing Square's latest masterpiece, attendants will be able to try it out on demo stations around the store. The first 100 people to buy a copy of the game will receive a free limited edition plush Vivi doll. As well, there will be a Vivi-mobile in the store, stuffed with the Vivi dolls. By guessing the number of dolls, attendees have the chance to win a prize package of Square collectibles and a new console, valued at more than $500.

If you are in the area, the event is sure to be a treat, especially for gamers who have not yet experienced Sony's futuristic Metreon store. If you can't make it, be sure to watch for RPGamer's firsthand coverage of the massive launch event early next week.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [DailyRadar]
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