Shenmue Ships

After two years of growing intrigue and mystery, Shenmue has at last shipped to stores across North America. Hailed by Sega as Dreamcast's "epic masterpiece," this graphic adventure title offers gamers a masterfully scripted story, an incredible amount of detail, and is responsible for an innovative new genre of gameplay.

This new genre, dubbed FREE, or "Full Reaction Eyes Environment," aims to create an environment within the game which is as realistic as any real world setting. This means that the game offers the highest level of freedom possible, expanding all current gaming boundaries. Players can walk wherever they like, choose where they would like the story to progress, and completely interact with the game environment. Any object you see in the game can be interacted with in some way, creating an extremely realistic game world.

Shenmue is the first chapter of an unfolding epic tale created by legendary game designer Yu Suzuki. The four disc game, as well as a special edition containing an extra soundtrack CD, retail for $49.95. More information on this Limited Edition version, as well as details on how to get your copy of the game signed by the designer are available here.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [IGN]
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