New Information on El Dorado Gate Vol. 2

Capcom has revealed new details on the newest volume of El Dorado Gate. The second volume of El Dorado Gate will be available in Japan on December 12, and will be composed of three episodes. The three new episodes will reveal more information about some of the other characters in El Dorado Gate.

In the first episode, Grief of Kobe, a tragedy occurs during the wedding of Kobe's younger sister. In the second episode, The Brave Swordsman Ellison, tells of the swordsmen Ellison and his role as bodyguard to a noble, as well as his love for the noble's daughter and his eventual quest to rescue her from evil. Finally, the game's third episode, Ein: The Artificial Man, tells of Ein's excavation from an ancient ruin. At the end of the second volume, the storyline will begin to connect with the first volume.

El Dorado Gate is a twenty-four-part serial RPG in development at Capcom. Each volume in the series is just part of a much larger story, as with most series' of fantasy novels. The game features beautiful 2D visuals reminiscent of games such as Saga Frontier 2 and Legend of Mana.

El Dorado Gate Vol. 2 will be available in Japan on December 12. Currently it is unknown whether or not the series will be made available in North America.

by Jimmy Avistetto    
Source: [Magic Box]
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