Torneko: The Last Hope Release Date Announced

Do you love Dragon Warrior? Do you love the fourth game in the series the most? Do you love it so much you've been waiting all these years for a spinoff title? Well, if that's the case, are you ever in luck--Enix has announced an English release date for Torneko: The Last Hope, which just happens to fit all the above criteria. The title will ship to American retailers November 16, just two days after Square's Final Fantasy IX storms the country, and right behind Dragon Warrior I&II's North American release.

Torneko: The Last Hope revolves around Torneko (Taloon, translated), the portly merchant who stars in Dragon Warrior IV, Chapter 3. Unlike its parent series, Torneko is a randomly-generated dungeon crawl in the vein of Evolution. Dragon Warrior character designer Akira Toriyamo was involved with Torneko, and RPGamers familiar with the Dragon Warrior series can expect to see its monsters, magic spells, and characters within Torneko.

In response to consumer curiosity, Enix has also launched a web feature promoting Torneko. Narrated primarily as excerpts from Torneko's travel journal, it provides information about the game premise, locations, items, and other miscellany. The feature can be found at Enix's web site.

by Bill Johnson    
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