Dragon Warrior VII North American Bound

Updated News:

With such exciting news being announced, RPGamer checked in with Enix of America to ask about some of the details. While officials from Enix of America were still unable to comment on the confirmation of the game being released here, they did clear up one matter. Should they bring the game over, the game will be 100% intact. Not only do they not intend to edit the story in any way, they also pointed out that they went as far as to undo some of the censoring in Dragon Warrior I & II that was originally done for the original NES versions of the games. Rest assured, RPGamers. Any Dragon Warrior game that crosses the ocean will hold the same deep story that have intrigued well over three million Japanese RPGamers.

Original Story:

For those of you who are have been waiting, it is music to your ears. is reporting that Enix of Japan has confirmed that Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden is indeed coming to North America. The news is not surprising. Enix has just re-opened their American office a few months ago, releasing Valkyrie Profile and Dragon Warrior I & II, and will soon release Torneko: the Last Hope next month. With all of this, it comes as absolutely no surprise that Enix of Japan has decided to release the most massive game in the Dragon Quest series to date overseas.

Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden is the second best-selling game in the series next to Dragon Quest III, which was recently announced for Game Boy Color and will likely also see a North American release if this trend continues. At this time, there is no announced release date, nor is there an official title for the North American version, although Dragon Warrior VII: Warriors of Eden is the most likely candidate.

Enix of America had no comment on the announcement.

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