Sega to Release Shenmue Special Edition

As the Nov. 7 release date of Shenmue draws nearer, Sega is working to ensure that this Dreamcast game will be one of the year's biggest sellers. A special edition of the game is being made available to those who pre-order. This special edition of Shenmue will contain all four discs of the game, along with a fifth disc which will contain music from the game. At press time, and Electronics Boutique stores were taking preorders on the Special Edition.

Shenmue is a story-driven adventure/RPG emphasizing interaction with your character's environment. Some have gone as far as to say it defies known genre classifications. A massive four-disc epic, Shenmue is the first chapter in what is expected to be a series of games from designer Yu Suzuki. Sega has high hopes for the game, and rightfully so; it is one of two Dreamcast games named by retailers as an expected best-seller this Christmas season.

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by Jimmy Avistetto    
Source: [Daily Radar]
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