New Interview with Ephermal Fantasia Producer

Japanese Corner has a new interview with Atsushi Horigami, producer and director of Konami's unconventional musical RPG, Reiselied: Ephermal Fantasia. In the interview, Horigami discusses some of the game's features, other features that didn't make it into the game, possible changes to the game as it is released in other countries, and other Konami games that are in development.

Some excerpts from the interview:

Japanese Corner: Ephemeral Fantasia seems to be missing the Reiselied part. Looking at the game at your booth, any and all references to this title have been scrapped. Why is that? Was the original title too complicated or was it just a working title? What does it mean, anyway?

Horigami:"Reiselied" in German means "Traveller's Song" and the main character in the game is a travelling musician, so... But actually, the name isnāt that important; we just wanted a name that would sound exotic to the Japanese audience. In Europe, itās not an exotic name. ...We discussed it with Konami in America and Europe, and we have decided on Ephemeral Fantasia for those regions, only keeping the Reiselied in Japan. It happens all the time; we have to localize some of the names and content.

Japanese Corner: So many RPGs seem to be trying to shift from the anime style to the realistic style in artwork and graphics. Even Square has been trying, but is going back to the roots with their ninth installment (of Final Fantasy). Why did you choose the traditional anime style? Is it more to your liking?

Horigami: Itās been very important from the beginning. We wanted to avoid the realistic look all together. If I was creating a realistic game like Spec Ops or Tomb Raider, then I think the characters should look very real, but when making a fantasy world, it should be more cartoonish. Fantasy characters donāt need teeth, noses and so on. You are free to do it as you want to. Thereās always going to be people who want to have a realistic fantasy game, but I personally donāt want to.

The full interview can be found here.

by Jimmy Avistetto    
Source: [Japanese Corner]
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