Square Announced as Microsoft XBox Developer?

Microsoft's XBox console might have just gained a whole lot of credibility for RPGamers unsure where to turn in the next-generation console war. Nikkei Computer reports that Square has hopped aboard the Microsoft boat to develop third-party software, and is already working on an FFXI release for the platform.

Company executives from both parties are tight-lipped about the news. Microsoft's Naoto Yoshioka said, "We currently can't confirm or deny that information. Acquiring Final Fantasy, one of the most popular video game series, is indeed one of our primary goals," but a Square PR representative offered a blanket no-comment.

A Final Fantasy XI release for the XBox means that Square's proprietary PlayOnline network will come along as well, opening up a world of opportunities for further RPG development for the console. Square and/or Microsoft could issue official announcements as early as next week. Meanwhile, to see just what Square could bring to the fledgling system, check out RPGamer's FFXI coverage.

by Bill Johnson    
Source: [GameSpot]
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