Early Shipment of PS2 Games

While the PlayStation2 is not scheduled to arrive in stores for more than a week, two of the console's highly anticipated RPG launch titles have shipped early. Eternal Ring and Evergrace are currently in select stores and available for purchase.

These two titles, as well as Armored Core 2 and Street Fighter EX3, were confirmed to be in stock at both Babbages and Electronics Boutique. Both RPGs retail for $49.99. According to the release date lists provided by these stores, it looks as though we can expect other PlayStation2 titles prior to its October 26th system release date.

So now gamers can run out and grab a copy of each, and then spend the next ten days admiring the box art and reading through the manuals in anticipation. For even more info on these titles, be sure to check out RPGamer's recent previews for both games.

by Matthew Wanlin
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