Summoner Prepares for Launch

The PlayStation 2's North American launch library has faced recent criticism. RPGamers, however, should be without complaint, as publisher THQ has confirmed that its promising RPG, Summoner, is ready to ship and will be available as a PlayStation 2 launch title. Featuring a third-person, behind-character perspective and a very American design, this game should stand out among other console RPGs.

Summoner, though initially planned only for PC and Macintosh computers, was later announced for the PlayStation 2 game console and will arrive on the PS2 before hitting the computer platforms. Taking place in a full 3D world, Summoner uses a third-person perspective in the style of Ocarina of Time, and features terrain-affected battles, a system in which the player can see enemies approach before battle, and advanced AI that allows enemies to argue and fight amongst themselves. Summoner will be available at the PlayStation 2's launch, and looks to make RPG fans very happy.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [GameSpot]
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