Lunar 2: EB Release Date Confirmed!

Fans of the Lunar series can now look forward to a concrete date for the release of Lunar 2: EB, for the PSX. Working Designs has confirmed the game will be released in North America on November 29th, 2000. The game is an updated version of the old classic, which was first released in North America in 1995 on Sega CD. It follows a year after the highly successful limited release of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete.

As with Lunar: SSSC, Lunar 2: EB comes with a wide assortment of goodies, as well as a host of improvements to the game itself. These improvements have largely been the cause of the game being delayed to this point, as Working Designs was forced to address several issues that cropped up with the game when the demo was released. Fortunately, these are being resolved on schedule, so you wil see Lunar 2:EB very soon.

by Andrew Long    
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