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More information on Ever Grace, From Software's RPG which has recently jumped from Dreamcast to Playstation 2, has surfaced. The story revolves around Yurt, a man with a emblem which curses those who live in his proximity with death. His father was killed by the army, and he is seeking revenge. Yurt discovers this new dimension filled with monsters, and also filled with answers to the mystery of the emblem.

Now, for gameplay. In fights you must learn a monster's weak point to more effectively defeat it. Also, you can equip Palmyra, special crystals, to increase your power and abilities.

One last thing was revealed. There will be many other characters that you will meet. There are two that are known currently. One is a female named Siena and an elder named Bag. It is not currently known what roles they will play.

by Doug "Stom" Hill    
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