WonderSwan Receives Square Games

   Square has entered into a deal with Bandai in Japan which will result in some older Square games being ported to the WonderSwan. Said titles so far are Seiken Densetsu, Romancing SaGa, and Final Fantasy. It is unknown which of the games in these series will be ported, and it is also rumored that the release of these games for the WonderSwan will allow Mattel, who has the rights to release the WonderSwan in America, to do just that.

   Hopefully this news will mean more Square games will be ported to portable (get it?) systems in the future, so RPGamers can RPGame wherever they want! Of course, the real question, "Are they going to actually keep that silly WonderSwan name?!" has also yet to be answered. We'll keep a close eye on the WonderSwan's US release in light of these recent developments.

by Curtis Harmon

Source: Pocket IGN

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