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Vagrant's Story

   Vagrant's Story, Square's new short RPG, is coming into clearer focus as the time goes by. As shown before, Vagrant's story takes place in a very medieval, even gothic, environment. The specific environment of the game has beenrevealed to be Reamonde, in Europe. Ashley Riot, the main character, has graduated from VKP Academy, but he has been accused of murder by Sydney, the other previously known character. Ashley's mission is to find out what really happened in Duke Barudoruba's mansion. Other characters that have been revealed are Romeo Guildenstern, the leader of the knights of Valendia, Duke Barudoruba, the retired civil war hero, and Callo Merlose, a female VKP agent.

   Information about the gameplay of Vagrant's Story has also been released; this information concerns the weapons and magic systems involved in Vagrant's Story. There will be three different types of weapons, Short Swords, Swords, and Guns. The longer the range of the weapon, the longer it will take to charge, and it will have less chance of hitting the enemy, but the critical hit rate will also be increased. Both armor and weapons will gain levels in the game, both in general and against specific enemies. More details about this leveling are not yet known. The magic system will be based both on spellbooks, which allow you to cast spells inscribed in them, and on "Crafts", which seem to be smaller spells which can do things like use basic attack magic, increase attack or defense power, or give elemental attack status. To increase your defense power you will have to hit a button when you get hit. More crafts will be available throughout the game.

by Curtis Harmon

Source: Magic Box

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