New Sunsoft Strategy RPG

   Sunsoft is working on a new Strategy RPG for the PlayStation to be released in Japan on December 2nd, called Koukuroearpo - Eternal Eye. Working on the game are the scenario writer for Final Fantasy 1-3 and the character designer from Atelier Marie. The game is a strategy RPG in the same vein as the Arc the Lad and Shining Force series. An additional "Mapet Battle System" allows you to create puppets called Mapets that will fight with you in battle. To make different Mapets, the character collects and combines 24 different types of jades. There are over 150 types of Mapets, two of which you can use in battle at once.

   The story behind the game is that the world was swallowed in darkness under the rule of Runa, the Goddess of Destruction. Six heroes sealed her away using the powers of jades and Mapets, restoring peace to the kingdom. Now, however, the Knight Commander Vohres from the Cross Kingdom is attempting to revive the Goddess.

   Your job as the hero, of course, is to stop Vohres and restore peace to the world using your power as a descendant of the Koukuroearpo, those six knights who defeated the goddess so long ago.

by Curtis Harmon

Source: The Magic Box

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