Enix announces US Plans

   According to reports in the Nihon Kezai Shimbun, Enix has plans to bring seven of their games for Sony Playstation and Nintendo Game Boy over to our shores in the next fiscal year. One of those games is confirmed to be their long-awaited Dragon Quest 7, which will most likely have it's name changed to Dragon Warrior 7. No word on exactly when this game will be released here, but speculation points to around sometime next holiday season. As for the other six games, one would assume that the Game Boy Color version of Dragon Quest 1 & 2 will be translated. Enix has already shown good faith in our portable RPG market with Eidos publishing their GBC game Dragon Warrior Monsters here. This is only the beginning of what will be a much more prosperous time for RPG fans on our shores.

by Doug "Stom" Hill    
Source: [GIA]
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