Square EA discusses FF8 PC and Other Tidbits

   IGN recently caught up with Square EA Vice Chairman Yoshi Maruyama and Senior Software Engineer of Squaresoft Jay Fong. In an informative interview, we found out some very nice details on FF8 PC and other possible upcoming projects. The PC version will, much like the FF7 PC conversion, be pretty much a direct port. The high resolution of the PC will make things that are not as apparant on a TV much clearer, and there is talk of a new kind of high resolution movie to be used, although they're still experimenting. Unfortunately, they avoided even hinting at a possible release date, although I would not be surprised if they're aiming for a release by the end of the year.

   Some other news came out of this that's very interesting. When asked about PC-only releases, they said "We have been studying developing online games for some time though we have not done any titles." I would not be surprised if Square has plans or is even working on some kind of online game for Playstation 2. Now the PS2 will have networking support, but I think there is something else up there sleeve. I wouldn't be surprised if we're logging into Final Fantasy Online or the equivalent in the next few years.

by Doug "Stom" Hill    
Source: [PC.IGN.COM]
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