Final Fantasy VIII Character Descriptions

    Translations of the character descriptions published in the latest Shonen Jump are now available.

    First, the new description of Laguna. Originally a soldier, possibly in the Galbadian military, Laguna is now a journalist. He is described as cheerful, optimistic, and trustworthy.

    Raijin and Fuujin are described as followers of Seifer. Raijin is 18 years old. Described as kindhearted, he is big and wields a club. It is unknown if he will be a playable character or not. Fuujin is 17 years old, with silver hair and an patch over her left eye. She is described as a silent and emotionless person. Her weapon is a circular boomerang.

    Finally, the information on the airship Ragnarok from Shonen Jump. It has a length of 108 meters (about 350 feet) and is armed with a charged particle cannon. The Ragnarok was built more than twenty years before the time period of Final Fantasy VIII.

Source: [FF8 Omega]

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