Japanese RPG Roundup

    Lovedelic, previously known for their PlayStation RPG Moon, are developing an RPG for Dreamcast. The game tells the story of humans who have moved to another planet. The game is said to be in the final design stages and will make full use of the Dreamcast's online capablities.

    In other Dreamcast news, Climax Landers and Evolution have both be delayed. Climax Landers was pushed back until the 25th of February, while Evolution was delayed until the 21st of January.

    In Japanese PlayStation news, Japan Software will release Marl Kingdom's Puppet Princess this month. Puppet Princess is described as a simulation RPG for female and younger players. Playing as Cornet, a young girl, the goal is to save the Prince who has been kidnapped by the devil. Using her power to awake the spirit of puppets, Cornet can take 16 puppets with her, and can use 4 characters in the battles. These puppets gain experience and new powers as their level goes up.

    Konami will release Goemon RPG (Mystical Ninja in US) for GameBoy Color on December 23rd. The player will take control of a kid who is accidently sucked into the past, where he meets up with Goemon and the other characters.

    Nintendo will release Pocket Monster Cards for Gameboy on December 18. The game features card battles with Pokémon characters. The game is apparently based on the Pokémon Collectibale Card Game, the US version of which is due to be released soon.

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