Guardian Force Attack Descriptions

    More information about the Guardian Force Siren has become available. In particular, a description of her attack, Silent Voice, was just handed to us a few moments ago. Silent Voice silences the enemy, preventing them from using magic.

The scene starts out with an ocean with a dark sky above. Music is heard, and we see the waves stop as they draw near. A rock approaches and you can see the form of a person on top of it. It's a girl with her orange, purple-tipped wings folded around her. The wings unfold to reveal Siren, who flies off the rock while beginning to play her harp. Silent Voice causes the darkness to part and sunbeams play across the ocean.
    The Guardian Force Pandemonium is described as a "wind spirit" and has a tail which it may use during its attack. It is also described as doing "big damage" to the enemy.

    RPGamer would like to thank Mike Sansoni for this information.

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