Lunar Delay Update

    As previously reported, Working Designs has delayed the hotly anticipated Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, for Playstation. A more detailed explanation from the company has now been released on the Working Designs website.

"The release date of LUNAR: Silver Star Story Complete has been moved from December 1998 to Early/Mid 1st Quarter 1999. The main reason for the delay is that we are still missing a few very critical tools for LUNAR: Silver Star Story's code (i.e. special 24fps movie tool and custom sound ripper) and we still have a lot of audio left to record. The first draft of the text is approximately 80% complete. We're (sic) apologized for the delay, but, as usual, we're working hard to make it worth the wait. Select retailers will have samples of the LUNAR packaging soon, so please look for them."

    The web page goes on to state that "...we have set up a pre-designed E-mail template for you to use to send us any hate mail you have with regards to this subject." To send Working Designs any hate mail, click here.

    The web page finishes with a recap of the "goodies" to be given included with Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, as well as a minor recap of the plot and some marketing information.

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