Nintendo 64 RPG Announcements

    Pack in Soft released River Fishing 64 in Japan on November 27th. This 128Mbit fishing RPG supports both Rumble Pak and GB Pak, so you can exchange data with the GB version of the game.

    In Zelda: The Ocarina of Time news, Nintendo has announced a second increase in production, revealing that hundreds of thousands of additional copies will be made available, starting today. Over half a million pre-orders were placed for Zelda 64, triple the previous record.

    Peter Main, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Nintendo of America made the following statement, "Whatever shortages do exist should be of very short duration. We're moving product into stores just as fast as we can produce it. And we remain on track to ship two and a half million copies of Zelda to stores by Christmas Eve, and the game remains on track to become the fastest seller in US history."

Sources: [The Magic Box and FGN Online]

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