Working Designs Sets Sights on 1999 for Lunar Hits

    In response to concerns regarding the US release of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete and Eternal Blue for Playstation, Working Designs released the following statment yesterday.

We're still missing a few critical tools for LUNAR: Silver Star Story's code, and we're not done with the recording yet, so it looks like a early/mid 1st Quarter '99 is more likely. Don't worry, we will NOT rush LUNAR just to get it out by a certain date. It's not the way that we do things here at WD, much to the chagrin of impatient and accounting types.

With regard to LUNAR: Eternal Blue on the Playstation, let me give you this hint once again, "We have yet to officially announce LUNAR: Eternal Blue for release in the U.S., but the chances are VERY good that it will be one of our 1999 Playstation titles."

    In other Lunar news, Working Designs also released a new image of the game's packaging.

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