Final Fantasy VIII News

    Information about a new character has been unveiled. Her name is Quistis Trepe. Age: 18, Height: 172 cm, Weapon: chain whip. Quistis Trepe, at 18 years of age, is already a teacher at Balamb Garden - Called "Trepe Teacher" by her pupils. With here amazing fighting skills, she enrolled in garden at age of 10, and entered SeeD at the age of 15.

    Also, Shiva and Alexander will be returning as Guardian Forces, as well as some new ones: Baby Chocobo: says "?", "!" and "chocofire", and Keshiakuwatol: thunderstorm. (Ed: Several people pointed out this should be Quetzcoatl, the Aztec god of lightning)

Source: [Final Fantasy VIII: The Next Mission]

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