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    Enix has announced the Third Story of the popular Star Ocean series. No specifics about the game, including the exact system it is being developed for, were announced. The Second Story of the Star Ocean series is scheduled for an US release sometime next year.

    On the Square front, reports are indicating that the one game Square has said would never have a sequel, Chrono Trigger, is indeed going to get one. Perhaps this change of heart is due to the amount of fans who wanted it. Details are extremely sketchy at this time, and while the game will be produced for a Sony platform, the choice between Playstation and Playstation 2 has not been made yet.

    In other Square rumors/news, Xenogears 2 and Brave Fencer Musashi 2 are believed to be in the works.

    On the Nintendo front, all copies of Zelda 64 sent to Australia will apparently be golden. However, players in Australia do have to wait until December 18th to get their copies of Zelda 64.

    In other Zelda 64 news, Shigeru Miyamoto has spoken about the 64DD version of the game. "Ocarina of Time has been designed with the disk drive system in mind," he said, continuing, "If you connect Zelda with the disk drive, an icon will appear on screen, announcing 'Ura-Zelda', or 'Another Zelda'. In the future, I want some new areas and new dungeons to be available for players who have already finished Ocarina of Time, where they will find new challenges." Because the 64DD is unlikely to see an US release, Miyamoto also said the following. "We may have to have a special edition release (of Ura-Zelda) in the future."

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