Raise a Monster with Guardian Legends

    Activisions' Guardian Legends for PlayStation will introduce something new to RPGs when it is released in March of 1999. Gamers will be given the responsibility of caring for and reuniting a baby monster with its mother. Along the way they will do the typical RPG Hero bit, of saving the world from total destruction.

    Developed by Studio X, the title features a 3D polygon engine, with more than 100 monsters, weapons, and spells. The game will also boast Japanese-style anime and feature film quality movie sequences.

    Mitch Lasky, of Studio X, had the following to say about the title: "The game's easy-to-learn character development system makes it accessible to first time players, while the element of deploying the virtual monster adds a new twist to the genre that will challenge even the most experienced players."

    Only time will tell if Guardian Legends will be a good RPG or just another Tamagotchi clone.

Source:[FGN Online]

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