New Final Fantasy VII Characters

    More information has become available concerning five new Final Fantasy VIII Characters.

    First, Irvian Kinnears - Age: 17, Height: 185 cm, Weapon: Gun. Sometimes refered to as Irvine. He has a cowboy appearance and is skilled in the use of his gun. He is also described as sensitive.

    Second, Kistis Tulip - Age: Unknown, Height: Unknown, Weapon: Unknown. He/She is a teacher at Garden. His/Her limit attacks are Enemy's skill, Mazer Eye, Hyper Quake, and Lightning Strike.

    Third, Selphie Tilmitt - Age: Unknown, Height: Unknown, Weapon: Unknown He is a transfer student to Garden. It is unknown if he becomes a fellow soldier. (Ed: We at RPGamer believe Selphie to be female)

    Fourth, Cid - Age: Unknown, Height: Unknown, Weapon: Unknown. What Final Fantasy game would be complete without a Cid. Sources indicated he is the principal of Garden.

    Fifth, Mumba, a creature living in the desert. It has a neat habit, and its hobby is to cleanout. It licks other creature's or human's blood and can memorize the taste of the blood. It has something to do with an event that happens at a prison in the desert.

    In related news, it appears Laguna Loire may have been removed from the game. Stay tuned.

Source: [FF8: The Next Mission]

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