TGS: Enix disappoints with poor DQ VII showing
Dragon Quest VII's showing disappointed many at TGS

   Due to the game still being in very early development over at Enix's headquarters in Japan, many RPG enthusiasts were left disappointed at the Tokyo Game Show by the lacklustre promotion of Enix's latest sequel, Dragon Quest VII.

   Pretty much the only aspect of Dragon Quest VII visible at the show was a 30-second promotional video on display, demonstrating the same visuals we've all seen in screen shots released up until now. The rotation around towns was impressive, clearly giving a decent feel to the polygonal engine of the game, but most at the show were disappointed, evidently having expected far more from Enix.

   As the game moves further along in production, though, expect Enix to promote one of Japan's strongest RPG series as best as it can. It'll be interesting to see how the series fares in the jump to Sony's PlayStation.

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