Square announces SaGa Frontier 2

   In Japan, The PlayStation magazine has learned of plans directly from Squaresoft for the next title in the SaGa series: SaGa Frontier 2.

   Set for a target date of Spring 1999, the title's announcement comes as a surprise to many, as the common belief was that SaGa Frontier would be the last game in the series. The free-style, non-linear RPG environment will definitely return at the core of the game, although this time around Square has decided to forgo rendered backdrops in favor of hand-drawn backgrounds (quite cartoonish in appearance) and cell animation-style characters.

   Look for far more information on this and many other games from the upcoming Tokyo Game Show Autumn '98 -- a tradeshow that Square and many other RPG companies plan to attend en force.

Source: [IGNPSX]

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